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Optimizing energy

Energy is so confusing right? Why do I feel the same amount of energy when I get 8 hours of sleep as when I get 5? Why do I find myself needing 2+ cups of coffee a day? 


If this sounds like you or maybe you have an understanding of what your body needs to recharge your energy levels but are needing a little extra support, I am here. 


Two of the main controllers of our energy is blood sugar and sensitivities to food.


Let’s briefly talk about blood sugar.


 If our blood sugar spikes in the morning, this will cause us to crash by the afternoon - sound familiar? 


In order to keep our blood sugar stable, we must first understand our own personal bandwidth. Personally I am hypoglycemic, so I know that I cannot go too long without having some sort of food or snack with protein. So, I keep a protein bar or nuts with me pretty much at all times. I’ll have an apple in the morning with a piece of cheese or almond butter - but that is what works specific to ME. 


Together we can find out what works for you. 


Energy gets a little bit more complicated when we are dealing with conditions such as chronic fatigue, CMV or Epstein Barr. Along with beneficial supplements, this can be handled with the right diet and eliminating food sensitivities. Recognizing which foods we are sensitive or intolerant too and successfully limiting or completely eliminating it from our diet is a journey. One that is much easier to go through with guidance from a coach. 

Optimizing Energy
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