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I believe food has the power to unite, spark excitement, and ultimately heal each and every one of us. 

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A little bit about me..

A lifetime of utilizing food as medicine, a Bachelors in Food Studies and Nutrition, and a certification in holistic Nutrition and Health Coaching, I have gained a wide range of knowledge on the power and direct influence that food has over both our physical and mental health. I am incredibly passionate about sharing this knowledge to help others on their journey to optimal health and happiness. 


Fortunate to be raised by parents aware of the value of nutrient-dense, whole, and limited processed foods, I felt I had the upper hand. Constantly being that girl in school with the weird (healthy) snacks, I had an awareness early on that I knew I needed to explore and ultimately share. Pursuing my degree in Food Studies and Nutrition at Syracuse University, I was able to dive deep into every aspect of food I could imagine. Culinary courses, environmental impacts, farming (probably my favorite one), social narratives and cultural influences, and even political elements within the uneven food distribution. I learned basic nutrition, sports nutrition, addressing individuals with a difficult relationship to food, and even the history of food itself. These courses fed my curiosity about the marvel of food, seeking work experience in areas such as the restaurant industry, multiple clinics, as well as a personal goal to perform eco-friendly food practices.


Recognizing that my passion lies within utilizing the power of nutrition to help others, as well as my own health, I went on to complete my certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I learned a number of dietary theories, mindful practices, breathing and meditation methods, and highly effective coaching techniques from hundreds of health and wellness experts. I sought further certification as a Gut-Health specialist, which allows me to get to the root causes of health issues, looking at the microbiome and the gut-brain connection, as the health of the gut is linked to our mood, immune system, and many illnesses. 


I am constantly applying what I have learned growing up, in my degree and in my certification to my daily routines to be on top of my own health at all times - because I have to. It is a challenge at times, but I know that investing in my health is the best way to invest in myself. 


I am a dancer, an artist, a constantly evolving creative and spiritual being intrigued by all that life has to offer. I believe we are provided with everything we need from the earth in a symbiotic relationship and I am fascinated with optimizing this relationship, while understanding how to optimize our health. Life is holistic and we must recognize that in order to fully achieve our goals, we must acknowledge that everything is interconnected, and that what we consume is not just the food on our plate!

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