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Welcome to being one step closer to the vibrant, energized, harmonious life you have been seeking. 
Let's find the balance together. 


Expand your health, expand yourself.

Hi! I am so excited you are here. 

I am a holistic nutrition Health Coach and I am here to be your guide toward optimal health and wellness, specific to your goals and your story. 

Together we will look at your health from a holistic approach. This means we will explore both the physical and emotional areas of your life and connect the dots. 


Talk to me, I'm listening... 

Do you feel like you are chasing yourself to do everything “right” while not seeing the results you desire? Are you tired of the constant search of the new diet trend you think you need to be following?


It is time to let these restricting lifestyles and archaic ideas go. It is time to feel in-sync with the world around you, and that starts within. 


Learn to eat intuitively and understand what lifestyle and eating habits will be most optimal and unique to YOU. Every body is different. 

How it works:

Schedule a free 20 minute one-on-one consultation to discuss your personal health goals and concerns. This session will allow me to understand your personal story and find unique ways to guide and empower you to regain control of your own life. If we are a fit, together we will come up with realistic, long-lasting nutritional and lifestyle habits that are specific to YOU.

Health Coach
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